Mac Dev Weekly Subscribers:

It has been several weeks since you've heard from me. There are some changes in the works that I would like to share with you.

Although the newsletter was off to a good start, with Apple's focus on Swift for both OS X and iOS developers, I’ve decided it’s time for a change in direction...

I've started a new weekly publication, the Swift Sandbox, which is entirely focused on Swift code, projects and playgrounds. Both OS X and iOS will be featured, as well as broader coverage of the Swift language.

To kickoff the newsletter, I'll be giving away 14 Swift books (7 books, 2 copies of each). Everyone subscribed to the newsletter is eligible to win one copy. The winners will be chosen by random number selection and contacted on Friday, August 28th.

To keep things transparent, I will migrate your email address to the new publication, with no effort needed on your end. I sincerely hope you will stick with me on this new venture, however, I understand if you choose otherwise. As with Mac Dev Weekly, unsubscribing is always just one click away.